Where did we come from?

We were founded in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and are on track to publish our first titles in 2021. Given that we are a small operation, we hope to publish between two and four titles per year.

What does our name mean?

Though we are American by birth (and articles of incorporation), our hearts lay across the pond. In Yorkshire, the word wick commonly means “lively,” while weald is the Old English word for “forest.” Effectively that makes us Lively Forest Publishing.

Forests are lovely, mysterious, life giving places. They are places of refuge from the rigors of a concrete world. This is why we are particularly partial to fantasy stories with environmental themes–particularly for younger readers.

What are we about?

We are a small press (and we like it that way). We seek to plant a few literary seeds each year, in the hopes that those seeds might flourish into a forest all their own.

We want to be in the business of publishing and promoting books. Authors who are invited to join us can expect a token advance and a standard royalty contract once their books have “earned out.” We believe in funding good art. We will invest what we can in our authors. That way, we can grow better together.

Environmental, social, and economic sustainability being vital to our operations, we are not able to accept unsolicited submissions at this time. However, if an invitation is extended, we hope you will consider sending something along!

What do we publish?

Wick Weald Publishing was founded as a publisher of books for younger readers (e.g. picture books, middle grade, and young adult titles). However, the acquisition of The HitchLit Review early in 2021 necessitated the addition of two imprints.

The Wick Weald moniker remains true to its mission of publishing quality fiction and nonfiction for younger readers. In 2021, our premier imprint will publish its first picture book, and will begin production on a middle grade anthology series of dark fantasy/horror stories.

The HitchLit Review is an independent online literary magazine that has been publishing since 2017. Due to the journal’s focus on writing for adult audiences, when Wick Weald acquired the publication in 2021, it was determined to ensure the independence of that existing publication. Thus, The HitchLit Review Press was established to publish titles associated with the publication (including future issues of the journal itself).

The Night Wick Collections imprint will focus on publishing titles that are intended for adult readers. Although this imprint will ultimately specialize commercial fantasy and horror titles, the first books released under that imprint will be literary works (specifically poetry).

We are not open to unsolicited manuscripts at this time. All other inquiries may be directed to us via the form below.