About Wick Weald Publishing

We are an independent small press specializing in books for younger readers.

We were founded in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic and published our debut children’s book, Willow’s Wings in November 2021. Given that we are a small operation, we have a modest vision of publishing between two and four titles per year, under two main imprints: Wick Weald (picture books, middle grade, and young adult titles) & Night Wick (new adult / general adult titles).

Though we are American by birth, our hearts lie across the pond. In Yorkshire, the word wick commonly means “lively,” while weald is the Old English word for “forest.” Effectively that makes us Lively Forest Publishing.

What is our small press about?

We are a small press (and we like it that way). We seek to plant a few literary seeds each year, in the hopes that those seeds might flourish into a forest all their own.

We want to be in the business of publishing and promoting books. Authors who are invited to join us can expect a token advance and a standard royalty contract once their books have “earned out.” We believe in funding good art. We will invest what we can in our authors. That way, we can grow better together.

Environmental, social, and economic sustainability being vital to our operations, we are not able to accept unsolicited submissions at this time. However, if an invitation is extended, we hope you will consider sending something along!

What is a creative Collaborative?

We believe in fostering relationships within the larger writing community, but we simply cannot publish everything we’d like to. The good news is that–with the rise of self publishing–we don’t have to. If we cannot publish your work directly, we may still offer opportunities to join critique groups, writing workshops, and may be willing to provide free editing services on a select number of works every year, we h. As a collaborative, we never charge reading or editing fees. Instead, we ask only that you pay it forward.

Our terms are simple. If you are an indie author, we will provide developmental and copy editing support to help and advice to help you bring your book to market. In return, as a member of our collaborative, you will be asked to support another author in the near future. We may be naïve idealists, but it is our hope that this will help us to build a vibrant literary community, empowering indie-authors, artists, and content creators.