Wick Weald Acquires The HitchLit Review

Wick Weald Publishing is pleased to announce its acquisition of The HitchLit Review, effective March 2021. Over the past three years, The HitchLit Review has promoted the works of secular writers and artists. Wick Weald Publishing fully supports the autonomy of its editorial board and will work in support of their common mission. In additionContinue reading “Wick Weald Acquires The HitchLit Review”

Willow’s Wings: Coming Summer 2021

Wick Weald Publishing is proud to announce the forthcoming release of Willow’s Wings (written by Daniel Ruefman and illustrated by B. Donze). Willow’s Wings is a picture book that shares the story of wingless Willow, the smallest and youngest of all fairies. After everyone tells her that she is too small to help give theContinue reading “Willow’s Wings: Coming Summer 2021”