Wick Weald Illustrator in the News

B. Donze, illustrator of Wick Weald’s inaugural title, Willow’s Wings, hit the news this month when she used her talent to inspire children at Deer Lakes School District in Pennsylvania.

During classroom visits, Donze shared early drafts of her illustrations and showed students how to take rough drafts and digitize them for publication.

For the whole story, visit the The Pittsburgh Tribune Live.

Willow’s Wings Available For Preorders!

Willow’s Wings (written by Daniel Ruefman & illustrated by B. Donze) is set for release on November 26, 2021! Preorders are currently available through Barnes & Noble.

Given the industry-wide delays due to COVID-19, and that this is our first children’s title, Willow’s Wings represents a huge milestone for all of us at Wick Weald Publishing.

We look forward to growing our catalogue and introducing you to new authors in the Summer of 2022!

The Night Wick Collections Releases First Titles in May

Wick Weald Publishing is pleased to announce that it has acquired the electronic publishing and distribution rights of two collections of poetry, previously released by Daniel Ruefman and Finishing Line Press.

The eBook edition of Ruefman’s debut chapbook, Breathe Automatic (2014) will be made available through most online retailers on May 2, 2021. This release will be followed the eBook edition of Rufman’s volume, Sleep Bringer (2019) on May 30. These will be the first two titles released under Wick Weald Publishing’s imprint, The Night Wick Collections.

The print editions of both titles will remain exclusively available through Finishing Line Press.

More Coming in 2021!

This year is already shaping up to be a great inaugural year for us at Wick Weald Publishing. In 2021, we look forward to the following releases:

Willow’s Wings (Summer 2021)

Wick Weald will kick off the summer with our debut children’s book, Willow’s Wings (written by Daniel Ruefman / illustrated by B. Donze). Wingless Willow, the youngest of all the fairies, spends each day watching her older sister (Pippa) shape the world with her friends. After being told that she is just too small, Willow packs up her paints and follows her sister beyond the safety of the thicket. Unable the fly, Willow uses what she can, adding more to the world that her sister could have imagined.

This book launch will begin with the summer release of a limited edition hardcover edition, followed the paperback and e-book release in November 2021.

When the Mist Burns (September 2021)

Daniel Ruefman returns to his poetic roots with his new collection of poetry, When the Mist Burns. Examining themes of selfcare and anxiety, this collection of poetry interrogates the inner narrative of a man driven inward, cut off from everything he ever loved. Having lost himself in the mist of memory, when the lines between what is real and imagined become so muddled, he finds himself waiting–waiting for understanding, waiting for clarity, waiting for that moment When the Mist Burns.

The first edition of this collection of poetry will be released by our imprint, The Night Wick Collections. It will be available in paperback and e-book in September 2021.

We have more news and fantastic stories to share with you. Stay tuned here for all of the updates from Wick Weald Publishing!

Wick Weald Acquires The HitchLit Review

Wick Weald Publishing is pleased to announce its acquisition of The HitchLit Review, effective March 2021.

Over the past three years, The HitchLit Review has promoted the works of secular writers and artists. Wick Weald Publishing fully supports the autonomy of its editorial board and will work in support of their common mission.

In addition to supporting the operations of the existing online literary magazine, Wick Weald Publishing hopes to expand operations by establishing The HitchLit Review Press. This imprint will primarily publish biannual issues of the literary magazine and affiliated contest titles.